Pastors Seminar Costa Rica

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What a joy to host Pastors and leaders for a teaching seminar in Limon, Costa Rica. Don and Marjorie Korach, directors of Mutual Faith Latin America were with us as well. The teaching focused on showing leaders how to minister in simplicity the revelation – “we are accepted in the Beloved!” What a freedom people find when they know that God and Jesus cut a New Covenant and we are “included” by our faith in Christ!

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Greeting in the name of Jesus Christ, Praise the Lord.
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At present we wish to get more strengthened by your encouragements through your ministry to invite you & your Team in Christ in Dar Es salaam , Tanzania for the Jesus Glory. We want to arrange a big gathering of people, 5 days Healing Crusade & 3 days Pastors Leadership Conference So in this way we give you invitation for the Crusade & Pastors leadership Conference in Dar Es salaam , Tanzania . So dear most beloved Please give us time for the Jesus glory in Tanzania in 2013 we hope and Trust on God that you will respond positively in giving us Time in 2013. We are praying for your coming to Tanzania . We also want to affiliation & work with you in future here Tanzania . We do request your positive & quick reply as soon as possible for Jesus Christ. God is good all the Time. God bless you and your Family and Church.

Pastor Mbidu.

For Souls sake

We are anxious waiting for your kind response

Padam Bdr. Bishwokarma
April 2nd, 2013 at 10:14 am

Respected all

Greetings in the name of mighty Jesus . Really God is great . When i shaw Yours ministry really i became so blessed so i would like to paricipate an i wpold like to recive that’s kind of blessing .

padam Bdr,

Dear Beloved Brother , Greetings from India
We spreading the Fragrance of Jesus, Near and Far. 2 Cor. 2:14, 15
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Thanking you Brother,
Yours Brother in His Mighty service
Pastor Ravindra Babu.P
Founder & Director
Holy Fire Ministries
NOTE : If you want any furthermore information from our side we are ready to furnish such information to your kind notice and file accordingly. Praise the Lord for His glory. Amen !!

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