Missionary Conference 2014

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Mutual Faith Conference Slide

This year Mutual Faith is celebrating 30 years of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations! We are so blessed to have our annual missionary conference hosted again at In His Presence Church in Woodland Hills, CA. (Check below for address & map)

Join Keith and Heidi Hershey on Wednesday night January 22nd @ 7pm as they share stories of the last 30 years of ministry and also some exciting projects for the future. All seats are free and childcare is available.

For information on the pastors events happening Thursday night and Friday morning, please contact our office at (800) 367 8887.

In His Presence Church
21300 Califa Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367
(818) 313-9393

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Reaching Syrian Refugees and Lebanon

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I just arrived in the USA a few days ago and what a time I had at our Middle East Life Center!

I was amazed to see the favor our Mutual Faith team has been having in instilling hope to the hundreds of Syrian refugees that have been coming to us for help. I am sure you are well aware by now of the recent war and civil unrest in Syria, and that 1.3 million have escaped to Lebanon.

The love of God in Christ will always be the most peaceable news anyone could hear and we have been announcing this news of unmerited grace, favor & love to the Syrian people. Just imagine, we can have peace with God and have peace for every part our lives.

When I left a few days ago, our team was continuing to have dinners, events and other expressions of friendship for the Syrian refugee community.

Please take a look at this short video I had my team just put together for you.

Thanks for helping make this outreach possible, and thanks too for helping us feed, cloth and minister to the basic necessities of many of these precious people.

In Mutual Faith,
Keith Hershey

P.S. Here’s a way you can help! Don’t forget, because of Jesus and what He has done on Calvary’s cross – you can be assured that God loves you completely, and we do too!

The Beloved Experience

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The BeLoved Book launch is finally here! One year in the making, this book is finally being made available through and the website. We even have a Kindle version available. Watch Keith & Joshua Hershey below as they uncover some of the details of their latest book.


Book Launch Video

Watch Joshua Hershey in Video #3 as he shares a fresh look into Jesus and The BeLoved Experience.


Video #3

We’re excited you joined us for video #2 of
The BeLoved Experience. Watch Keith Hershey as he shares his personal story of what being loved is all about.


Video #2

Thanks for joining us on The BeLoved Experience journey. We pray your heart will be transformed by our personal story of how God’s love has transformed our every day living.


Video #1

Nigeria Graduations

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This summer we saw the graduations of many students from our various schools in the country of Nigeria. 15 children graduated from the LIFE Unlimited International Group of Schools. In addition, over 100 adult students graduated from various LIFE Leadership Institutes throughout the country. It’s a blessing to see not only children be educated in Christ, but for adults to continue their education and be a part of taking the Gospel forward.

Below are some of the photos from the adult graduations from the LIFE Leadership Institute.

Bicycles in the Philippines

This summer we were able to give away 5 bikes in the Philippines through our Bible Bucks Exchange Program. Through this program, children’s ministries in the USA partner with us by giving with their Bible Bucks. The churches in turn send in the US Dollar amount for the items kids have donated. These kids are taking an active role in sharing the Gospel, not only by providing for others, but showing them how much God loves them!

Photos of the bikes and children are below. For more information on the Bible Bucks Exchange Program, check out this month’s WorldWatch Report on Youtube also below.

Spring of Life Graduations

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This June we celebrated the graduation and promotion of many of our students at our Spring of Life School in Beirut, Lebanon. The school is just one of many ministries that is hosted at our Middle East Life Center in the neighborhood of Bourj Hammoud. Many of these students are refugees from war-torn nations like Syria and have fled with their families to Lebanon in hopes of finding a better life.

Because many of these students are undocumented, or can’t afford schooling in Lebanon, we offer school free of charge for up to 80 kids each school year. In addition to classes in English, French and Arabic, as well as Math, Science and Computers, we are able to feed the kids each day (sometimes this is the only meal they might get during the day) and also help provide medical care through our free Medical Clinic on campus. Most importantly, we are able to share the gospel with these kids everyday and let them know how much Jesus loves them!

Below are just a few of pictures from the Graduation and Awards ceremony. Keep these children in your prayers as they continue to grow and discover who they are in Christ.

Latin America Ministry Tour 2013

What an awesome time we had ministering at our annual Life-giving events in Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. The message of God’s love and acceptance for all of us, in Christ was shared and displayed.

This month we have been celebrating graduations of family and friends. It is wonderful to see people grow, and grasp a hold of their dreams in their desired field of study. In Latin America alone, we host up to 2000 students annually in our LIFE Leadership Institutes, which trains and equips leaders for the Church in 8 different Latin Nations.  Check out some photos from our ministry tour and LLI graduations below.

Also, this month, our Latin America team is launching the Virtual Campus Bible Institute! This is so exciting for Mutual Faith and our Latin America Team Leader Donald Korach. Don knows this will give us so much more access into the lives of pastors and leaders throughout Central and South America. Please pray with us, that all the logistics and technical details work out smoothly.

The beauty of technology is that we can have access to the hearts of men and women any time and any place. Everyone needs to know that because of Jesus, and what He has done on Calvary’s Cross – we can be assured that God loves us completely!




Kingdom Fiesta 2013!

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Our team has just returned from Beirut, Lebanon, after hosting our 6th annual Kingdom Fiesta at the Middle East LIFE Center! Each night was packed out as churches from all around the city came together to celebrate and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This event has become such a great tool to reach out to the Arabic community, as parents come to support the kids in our Spring of LIFE School or employers will come and watch their employees perform with their church groups. Dozens of people came forward each night to receive Jesus and what He has done on their behalf.

Additionally we have many more people coming to the center everyday looking for help and hope as tens of thousands of refugees continue to flee Syria into Lebanon. We are blessed to work with at team of leaders at the Middle East LIFE Center who are able to meet these precious ones right where they are at and help provide for some of their needs.

Below are some photos from Kingdom Fiesta as well as some of the various ministry with the refugee families-


Philippines- Update

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New Plans for Orphanage

A new parcel of land adjacent to our current Mission Center campus was donated to the ministry earlier this year. We are excited for the possibilities this now offers, including plans to build an orphanage to serve the many street children of the area. Once completed this LIFE Home will house up to 35 kids and give them a new hope in life. Plans are also underway to acquire more surrounding property in hopes of building an elementary school to serve the whole neighborhood.

The Mutual Faith Channel

The Mutual Faith Channel continues to be a beacon of light in and around the General Santos City area of the Philippines. The 24 hour channel is currently the only Christian programming offered in  the area and has been instrumental in starting new church plants in the region after many people have come to Jesus. Not only do we air teachings from partner churches of the ministry, but the team has also been successful in launching local programming which has been received very well.

Feeding Program!

Posted on March 15, 2012

In addition to our 24-hour TV station and the ministry that takes place with our team in the Philippines, many different feeding programs take place throughout the year. To celebrate his 49th birthday, our team leader Johnny DeVila decided to bring one of these feeding programs to the kids in the city. Over 100 people got a full meal that day and also heard the good news that God loves them completely!




Valentines Youth Day Celebration

Posted on February 14, 2012

Our team in the Philippines just held a great event for youth in their area as they hosted a special Valentines Celebration at our Mission Center. About one hundred youth came out as Pastor Johnny shared on the subject, “Are You In Love?”
Many of the attendees rededicated their lives to the Lord that day as they worshiped and studied the word. After the celebration, a special meal was provided for all whom attended. Check out a few of the pictures below-


Mass Weddings!

Posted on September 25, 2011

One thing that was recently done in the Philippines was to host a “mass wedding,” for about a hundred couples! These are very poor people who could not afford to host a proper wedding on their own! It was awesome! About 1300 showed up to celebrate, and it was the perfect environment too, to share of God’s unfailing love for each of us!

Originally posted March 25, 2011:

Life Leadership Institute Graduation!

Twenty-one people have just graduated from the LIFE Leadership Institute in the Philippines! On the day of graduation, the students went to the local neighborhoods to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Nearly 100 new people came out that night to hear more about this Jesus and what he did for them.

Below are some pictures from the graduation ceremonies. Please keep these brothers and sisters in your prayers and they continue to share the Gospel.

Published on February 21, 2011…

New Salvations & Baptisms

New reports of salvations and church plants are constantly coming from our Mutual Faith Team in the Philippines. Our latest report from Pastor Johnny and Josephine is below…

He writes…
“Today, I visited two of our churches in South cotabato. And, I am so glad to know that they are all growing in faith and also in numbers. In the morning, I spoke in Fatima Village and in the afternoon in Litan Village. God is really good. This coming Feb. 25, we are going to conduct a crusade in Pangyan, Glan, Sarangani Province. We are going to plant another church branch in this area. Please pray for God’s provision and protection. Pray also that God will touch the hearts of the people in this area, that they will open their hearts to listen to the words of God. This is a whole day evangelistic meeting. We will be providing lunch and used clothing.

Attached photos taken during the water baptism of the ten souls saved during our evangelistic meeting in our church last Saturday. The water baptism was officiated by my wife Josephine. Glory to God!”

Praying before the bapstisms

Church Plant Update- Originally posted October 29, 2010

Another new church has just been planted on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines; this time in the village of Polomolok. Check out the few pictures from the ribbon cutting and first service with Pastor Johnny DeVila. We also have a few images from Pastor Josephine DeVila teaching at our newest Life Leadership Institute in the village of Fatima. We continue to thank God as the Gospel of Jesus is spread throughout this whole region…

Originally Posted on September 22, 2010:
Pastor Johnny DeVila of the Philippines just updated us on their newest church plant in Greenville, Calumpang this past weekend.

The new church now meets in an old store front, where the store owner was healed from a tumor in a her body after watching the Mutual Faith Channel. The lady had been stuck in the hospital, given only 3 months to live, when she saw the message of Jesus on the TV. Now, 6 months later, her whole family has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and dedicated their lives to the ministry!

The first church meeting kicked off this weekend with 11 families. Pastor Johnny believes it will grow fast since people are seeing many miracles in this area as they hear about the love and grace of Jesus. Please keep the church family in your prayers as they continue to grow in the ways of the Lord and spread the Good News!

Posted August 11, 2010
We just received news of a new church plant from our team in the Philippines. Our team reports that they have just launched a new church in the Muslim strong hold village of Litan. The response has been so overwhelming that they are already planning another church plant in a nearby village next month.

MFM Leader Johnny deVilla reports,
“The chief village captain in this area is a strong member of our church here. He asked the villagers to come every Sunday. Some were in standing position because the chuch is filled already and they don’t have enough chairs… by the way several members of the new church in Litan Village were Muslim. Even the chief captain who is now a believer was raised Muslim. Glory to God!”

Indeed, Glory to God!

Refugee Outreach

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For many of the past months due to the civil and political unrest in neighboring Syria, we have seen hundreds of people flee to Lebanon for asylum, and many have ended up in our own neighborhood of Bourj Hammoud in Beirut. We have been able to provide food packages and clothing for many of these families and some of the children have started to attend our Spring of Life school.

This month we were able to host many of the families in our newly renovated conference hall where we had a childrens program, a big meal for all and of course were able to share the Gospel! Even though a majority of these families come from Muslim backgrounds, we have found them to be very responsive to the all encompassing love of Jesus. God is doing awesome things in the Middle East. Check out so of the photos from the most recent outreach below.