Life Homes

Millions of children in our world are neglected, orphaned, homeless and helpless. Because of this, they live just to survive. Many are on the streets begging, many are given to drug abuse and prostitution, and many never find the love they need to be rescued.

Since 1985, Mutual Faith has been rescuing and blessing children in our LIFE Homes.  Hundreds of children have been fed, clothed, educated and received medical care.  Right now, Mutual Faith is involved with Life Homes in the following nations:

The Springs of Life Center was founded in the Nabba, one of the poorest areas in Beirut. We shelter, educate, feed, and minister to needy, abandoned, or abused children. We believe that working with the Nabba children is extremely important since most of them are unable to attend school and are at risk of becoming delinquents and social outcasts. We provide programs of basic education and also help develop the children’s moral, spiritual and social skills so they can become healthy, responsible, and successful citizens. We also provide clothing and medical assistance whenever possible.

Under the visionary direction and leadership of missionaries David and Becky Dvorak, the LIFE HOMES of Guatemala have been established on a beautiful 18 acre property, about 1 hour outside of Guatemala City.  Since 1996, David and Becky have been serving the street kids of Guatemala, and rescuing many of them to live and learn at the life homes.  Also, the newest home on the property in the Tender Mercy Home to minister to HIV babies.  Right now there are over 40 children being blessed, restored and educated at the Guatemala Life Home, with the loving care of our 12 national staff members.

Ben Nanortey reports of the many children being fed, educated and cared for at the LIFE Home in Ghana. Due to the extreme poverty in many areas of the country, Mutual Faith has opened a center to rescue and redeem many village children in a region called Agave Kuve.  Presently over 80 children are in the program, and receive a quality education, food and health care. Our national team is doing a tremendous job reaching the surrounding villages with the Gospel.

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