ME Life Center

In July 2009, the present Middle East Life Center was acquired. After undergoing extensive remodeling and restoration, the Middle East Life Center opened and was dedicated in March 2010. The Life Center is a very busy hub for all types of activities and functions. In addition to serving as Administrative Offices and the Spring of Life School, many other conferences, concerts and events are held on this campus. Additionally, groups and teams of up to 60 people can be hosted and accommodated at the Life Center.

Would you be willing to give up lunch once a month to invest in the lives of people in the Middle East? A commitment of $10 a month will contribute to the Life Center which will provide:

Distribution Center
Distributing food, clothing and medical necessities

Children Center
Mentoring, tutoring and training up to 200 children daily, spiritually and academically

Conference Center
Auditorium seating over 500 people

Leadership Center
Life teachings of MFMI Partner Pastors will be translated for the Arabic speaking nations

Leadership Training
Continued training of 7000 leaders for the “Operation Life Cell” outreach strategy for the entire Middle East region.

Medical Clinic
Providing Medical assistance to the very needy

Media Center
Production of Arabic TV programming, airing throughout the region Translation and production services for other religious broadcasters.

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