keithKEITH HERSHEY  • Founder/President

Upon completing Azusa Pacific University and attending Fuller Seminary and Rhema Bible Training, Keith Hershey, along with his wife Heidi began working internationally with a group of African evangelists. After one year of overseas ministry as itinerant evangelists, Keith and Heidi returned to America to officially launch Mutual Faith Ministries International. Keith Hershey has also written and published numerous books and also hosts the weekly international television program, LIFE Unlimited.

heidi3HEIDI HERSHEY  • Co-Founder

Upon graduation from Rhema Bible Training Center, Heidi Hershey has been involved in the nations of the world. As co-founder of Mutual Faith Ministries, Int’l, Heidi has traveled the world testifying of God’s love and grace. Heidi has a gracious presence, and brings a heart changing word to the hearts of people through her prayer and compassionate ministry. She joins her husband, Keith, on many of Mutual Faith Ministries international assignments.

carloCARLO KROUZIAN  • Operations Manager

Carlo, native-born in Beirut, Lebanon joined Mutual Faith Ministries in 1999. With over 14 years in project management, he capably manages the complexities of this international organization, both domestic and abroad. He oversees the Mutual Faith Ministries offices in Lebanon, Ghana, Nigeria and the Philippines. He has also designed and installed several of the international offices and media studios. Carlo’s skill set of project management, information technologies and creative design make him uniquely fitted for the management of this international organization.

carloJUSTIN HERSHEY • Media Director // Group Missions

Justin, the oldest son of Keith & Heidi, started working with  Mutual Faith Ministries in 2008 after graduating from Hillsong International Leadership College in Sydney, Australia. Since then, he has become the liaison with our international offices and managing our group mission trips from partner churches.  Justin also brings to the table his experience in photography & television which he uses to manage and produce our television show, LIFE Unlimited. He keeps ministry partners up to date through social media with monthly video updates, emails and more.

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