Q. How long has Mutual Faith Ministries existed?

A. After being married and serving one year in overseas ministry as itinerant evangelists, Keith and Heidi returned to America in 1984 to officially launch Mutual Faith Ministries International.

Q. How many nations has Mutual Faith Ministries worked in?

A. MFM has been ministering in over 60 nations of the world. Mutual Faith continues to strive to go into the “dry places” and bring the “Living Water”.

Q. What is a Life Home?

A. The name Life Homes is a term we like to use to describe the Mutual Faith’s programs in reaching orphans and displaced children. Presently we have Life Homes in Guatemala where we feed, house and teach orphaned children that are neglected by their parents, and society as a whole.

Q. Where is the Life Leadership Institute currently being conducted?

A. LIFE Leadership Institute (LLI) is currently serving over 5,000 students in 14 nations around the world like: Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, and the Philippines. More institutes are being founded yearly, so please continue to check our website for the latest news regarding LLI.

Q. How can I get involved?

A. There are several ways that you can join Mutual Faith ministries. Prayer is the most important thing, you as a partner and friend of this ministry can do. The second is financial help. Without finances, many of the ministries Mutual Faith operates could not exist, or would be extremely ineffective. Partnering with us financially, and sponsoring the many outreaches and ministries Mutual Faith operates all around the world is one of the most important ways you can be involved. We also want to give you an opportunity to be directly involved in reaching some of the billions of unsaved people on this earth. Mutual Faith Ministries periodically organizes small group, short-term missions trips to the nations of the world (check the “Events” page for details).

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