About Us

Founded in 1984 by Keith & Heidi Hershey, MFMI was raised up to help people join their faith to increase dynamic life-giving assistance in the nations of the world. The main thrust of the ministry is three-fold; Preaching, Teaching and Reaching based on Matthew 9:35-36.

With the international office in Mission Hills, CA, Mutual Faith Ministries also helps raise up missionaries and leaders to spearhead regional and national offices around the world.  Each team operates autonomously, yet works in fellowship and under the direction of the USA International office.  Each team has different functions and ministry expressions, based on the calling and gifting of the local leadership, as well as the needs of individual communities and nations.

Presently, MFMI has regional offices in Guatemala, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Lebanon.  There are also registered support offices in England and South Africa.

Keith and Heidi Hershey have always had a heart to assist national leaders.  Because of this, MFMI continues to connect relationally with Pastors and leaders from the entire spectrum of the Christian community with mentoring and training including seminars, conferences and Life Leadership Institutes. Through this relational equipping, MFMI is able to bring training to lay leaders within churches, and assist in raising up the new, young generation for the ministerial leadership in the Kingdom of God.

In order to effectively connect and communicate in developing nations around the world, Mutual Faith Ministries has established regional Mission Centers.  A Mission Center is a facility with local national leadership and is a neutral place where pastors and leaders can connect and grow.  These Mission Centers hosts conferences, seminars and LLI training.

Because Mutual Faith Ministries has been involved in missionary TV broadcasting since 1985, in recent years we have developed the Media division on the Mission Center operations.  Presently, MFMI has media production centers in Costa Rica, Philippines, and Lebanon. The TV broadcast LIFE Unlimited with Keith Hershey, is dubbed with into the native language to it’s respective country. These broadcasts are then aired cable and satellite in their nations and regions.

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